Flishugger GTS1300WD med Mitsubishi motor

The GTS1300WD (Wheel Driven) is a self-propelled wood chipper for professional use in the field of tree maintenance and landscaping. Thanks to the battery-powered system (2 x 12 V), this machine is easy to move, even on rough and hilly terrain. With a full battery, a distance of approx. 9.5 km on flat pavement or 3 km on hilly or muddy terrain can be covered. The system has 2 forward speeds (3 and 6 km/h) and two reverse speeds (1.5 and 3 km/h).

The driving system is suitable for slopes up to 15°, so you can easily load the machine into a van or onto a trailer. With 2 sturdy pneumatic tires at the rear and 2 swivel wheels at the front, the GTS1300WD is very manoeuvrable. Steering is no hassle with the handlebar mounted below the input. On the handlebar you can also set the desired speed and check the remaining battery life.

This wood chipper has a strong Loncin G420F engine of 15 hp and is suitable for shredding branches up to a diameter of 10 cm (dry wood 8 cm). The efficient rotor chipping system automatically pulls the branches inside, which guarantees a high working speed. The PRO-blades made of high-alloy steel have an extra-long life and are provided with two cutting edges. When both sides are worn out, the blades can be sharpened (always have this done by a specialist).

Just like our standard GTS1300, this machine is equipped with various safety features. For example, the GTS1300WD has safety switches on the input and output that block the operation of the machine during maintenance work, and a panic bar is mounted around the input that immediately interrupts the machine in emergency situations. In addition, the GTS1300WD complies with the strict forestry standard (NEN-EN 13525:2005+A2:2009) to guarantee safe use.

The GTS1300WD comes standard with a 270° turnable output and hour counter set.

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– Engine: Loncin G420F
– Power: 15 hp / 11.02 kW
– Displacement: 420 cc
– Tank capacity: 6.5 l
– Fuel: Euro98 (E5)
– Max. diameter wood: 10 cm
– Input height: 106 cm
– Input dimensions: 50 x 35 cm
– Output height: 160 cm
– Output direction: adjustable up to 270°
– Deflector: infinitely adjustable up to 100°
– Panic bar and safety switches
– Wheels with ball bearings at rear: 39 cm
– Swivel wheels at front: 25 cm
– 2 PRO blades + 1 counter blade
– Dimensions (l x w x h): 150 x 72,5 x 163 cm
– Weight: 235 kg