Flishugger GTS600E med elstarter

The GTS600E is a very compact and lightweight wood chipper with the same working speed as the GTS1300 or GTS900. That is the ideal format for private use, but with the high performance of a professional machine. Branches with a diameter of up to 5 cm are automatically pulled inside and chipped effortlessly, resulting in perfectly sized wood chips. The shredded material is ideal as mulch or for filling up borders and garden paths.

The wood chipper is equipped with an efficient rotor chipping system and is suitable for all types of wood. In addition, other soft organic material can also be chipped, as long as they are combined with branches. The output has the ideal shape for a good air flow of the material. At the same time, it is high enough to put a wheelbarrow underneath. With the adjustable deflector, the output height can be adjusted up to 85°.


The GTS600E stands on a robust frame with two pneumatic tires. The push handle makes it easy to move the machine. Little space in the storage? That is no problem, because the GTS600E has a handy folding function which lifts up the input. The output is easy to disassemble to place into the input, making the machine even more compact. Check the video for more information.

Safety is also paramount on this machine. The shredderbox has a rotor blocking function with two positions: for storage and for maintenance. The GTS600E is equipped with an emergency button that immediately stops the engine and the machine complies with the strict NEN-EN 13368+A2 garden machine standard.

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12.999,00 DKK inkl. moms
(10.399,20 DKK ekskl. moms)

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Tekniske specifikationer:


Max grentykkelse: 5 cm i diameter

Indførringshøjde: 113 cm

Udkastshøjde: 81 cm

Hjul med kuglelejer I str. 26 cm

2 x PRO knivblade & 1 x PRO MODKNIV

Vægt: 68 KG.