Flishugger GTS1300WD med Loncin motor + elstart

The GTS1300C is a multifunctional chipper with two different output configurations that are easy to exchange. The high output is suitable for shredding branches up to 10 cm in diameter (dry wood up to 8 cm). Set the desired output height with the adjustable deflector and collect the wood chips in a wheelbarrow or trailer, or blow them directly in the garden. The low output is suitable for soft materials, such as grasses, hedge shavings or plant debris. The shredded material causes an accelerated composting process.

This compo wood chipper is equipped with a powerful, electrically started Loncin G420FD engine and an efficient rotor chipping system. This system consists of a rotor with two PRO blades that rotate along the counter blade at high speed. Our high-alloy steel PRO blades last extra long and have two cutting edges so that they can be turned around for reuse.

Thanks to the wide input, it is rarely necessary to remove side branches beforehand. This guarantees a high working speed. The GTS1300C is lightweight and easy to move. The compact dimensions and the lashing eyes under the infeed make it possible to transport the machine safely.

A robust chassis and the ingenious proportions of the machine make the GTS1300C perfectly balanced. The GTS1300C is equipped with a panic bar and meets the latest European standards for safe use.

Optionally available:
– Turnable output for more variations of output directions.
– Tow bar to mount the machine behind a car or quad.
– Push tool for pushing soft material into the input.
– Grid for the low output for extra fine results.

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Technical specifications

– Engine: Loncin G420FD e-start
– Power: 15 hp / 11.02 kW
– Displacement: 420 cc
– Tank capacity: 6.5 l
– Fuel: Euro98 (E5)
– Max. diameter wood: 10 cm
– Input height: 103 cm
– Input dimensions: 50 x 35 cm
– Output height (high output): 138 cm
– Deflector: infinitely adjustable up to 85°
– Output height (low output): 35 cm
– Panic bar + safety switches outputs
– Diameter wheels: 39 cm
– Wheels with ball bearings
– 2 PRO blades + 1 counter blade
– Dimensions (l x w x h): 203 x 77 x 160 cm
– Weight: 198 kg